Sponsors and support

Many thanks to all the organizations and individuals who support the conference!

Financial support

The conference enjoys financial support from:

  • City of St. Gallen






  • Steinegg Stiftung, Herisau


Ideally Support

The conference is supported ideally by the fallowing organizations:

  • Institute for Theory and Practice of Subsistence e. V., Germany
  • European Academy of the Healing Arts, Germany
  • WorldShift Network, The Club of Budapest
  • International Feminists for a Gift Economy, USA
  • Archives for the history of the Swiss Women’s Movement, Gosteli-Stiftung, Worblaufen, Switzerland
  • FriedensFrauen Weltweit – PeaceWomen Across the Globe, Co-Presidents: Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold and Kamla Basin
  • alliance F, National Swiss Women’s Organization, Bern, Switzerland
  • Women’s Library Wyborada, St.Gallen, Switzerland

Supporters from public life:

  • Edith Graf-Litscher, Parliamentarian, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
  • Marianne Kleiner-Schläpfer, Parliamentarian, Herisau, Switzerland
  • Elisabeth Beéry, City Councillor, Stadt St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Erika Forster-Vannini, President of the Federal Assembly, St.Gallen, Switzerland
  • Dr. med Ruth Gonseth, former Parliamentarian, Liestal, Switzerland
  • Dr. Ulrike Knobloch, Universities of Freiburg and St. Gallen, Switzerland